Passionately provide accurate and through professional valuation services that go beyond client’s expectations in an ethical and accountable manner


To be the most trusted and reliable firm offering appraisal and valuation services in Cambodia

About VTrust Appraisal

VTrust Appraisal Co., Ltd. established since 2004 to providing timely and accurate valuation services with code of ethical conduct for local and international clients including banks, private companies, individuals, underwriters, governments and agencies.

We are the local market leader and the only firm carrying out all the Pre-IPO valuation. Our firm provides property, business valuation in addition to asset and pre-IPO valuation.

With our 16 years’ experience of valuation has allowed us to accumulate an extensive database of independent real estate transactions across Cambodia. As an industry advanced, we have provided the real market value with highest educational and valuation professional standards of RICS and IVS.

Currently we are expanding our ability to nationwide and transforming to online valuation platform. To develop the technical valuation of our team, they all trained by international experts from Netherlands, America, Malaysia, Thailand and ASEAN Valuation Association.


Meet Our Exclusive Team Member

Highly trained professionals ready to provide the best valuation services, be gentle and give you a pleasant experience

Mr. Phin Sothea

Certified Appraiser & Valuation Director

Mr. Ros Saray

Property Valuation Manager

Mr. Sam Ratha

Property Valuation Manager

Ms. Heng Sovandaly

Sales & Marketing Manager

Ms. Hong Sokuntheavy

Central Support Manager

Mr. Kong Vanda

Training and Project Valuation Manager

Ms. Yun Savong

Human Resource Manager

Ms. Mon Rachana

Accounting Manager